The all-rounder in our group of physiotherapists. In addition to his main profession as a location manager for health coaches in Würzburg, he also records audio books. During training camp he likes to entertain the athletes  with a little rap show or with some martial arts. You would think there is nothing Andrè could'nt do.




Vera is a student at the Vocational School of Physiotherapy in Schweinfurt and she is ready to help us with all kinds of smaller afflictions in all conscience. Beyond that, Vera plans to become a coach at our training site in Schweinfurt. She already is a successful cheerleading coach.




The self-employed physiotherapist, osteopath is also non-medical practitioning. Certainly, she offers her know-how to all our athletes. Together with her husband Michael Gutwerk she runs the physiotherapy office gesund&gutwerk.




Michael's charming and funny character is only excelled by his broad knowledge in the field of sports and health. Together with his wife he offers a wide range of services.




Christian has taken care of our athletes in Würzburg for a couple of years now. In his own office Therapiekonzept Kutzner the Master of Science in sports-physiotherapy and non-medical practitioning serves plenty of athletes together with his colleagues.




Simon is an associate partner in the doctor's office Ortho Mainfranken. The orthopedist has already taken care of Olympic athletes in Canada and is always either personally available or he knows someone suitable out of his network.