Trackteam x ISB = Track & Field Club Mainfranken

In the spring of 2015, the Trackteam is founded in Würzburg as a club-independent initiative. Its goal is to offer promising athletes a plattform to garner more support in competitive sport. This is ensured by doctors, physiotherapists, sport scientists and coaches, whose services play a large role in noticeably increasing the number of participants from the Main franconian region at German Championships.


The ISB is a non-profit organisation based in Schweinfurt, whose aim is the promotion of health for all through movement, games and sport. The isb recognizes itself as a modern, innovative service provider, who offers effective and attractive services of high quality on the basis of charity and professionalism in sport. The program “Active All-Day School" is the poster child of the ISB and its implementation is no longer limited to Schweinfurt but has expanded well beyond regional boundaries under their guidance. Since its establishment on the 2nd of December 2007 in Schweinfurt the organisation has grown steadily; especially in regards to the variety of services offered and their quality.


Marco Gößmann-Schmitt the co-founder of Trackteam Würzburg and Sebastian Bauer the board director as well as founding member of the ISB were both introduced to sport at a young age and share a passion for track and field and youth education through sport. The melding of skills and resources of both their constructs bring value to the physically active youth and even society as a whole.


The forming of a club uniting the two is only logical. On the 27th of October 2018 15 enthusiastic fans of track and field got together in an inaugural meeting, forming the Track & Field Club Mainfranken. Strategic goals, a joint creation of the constitution and the club name establish a high level of identification which ultimately represents the virtues and values that will guide thought and action in training sessions and competitions in the future. Our vision #commitment #discipline #authenticity as well as our mission play an important part in this. The founding members all agree: we want to especially dedicate ourselves to youth education and youth development in track and field.